For the Installer

  • To replace Façade, the screw that holds the gutter to the soffit must be removed (1 every 4 soffit pieces).
  • The ends of the gutter run have 4 pop rivets into the gutter. A 1/8 drill bit drilled thru the center removes the rivet without damaging the fascia.
  • The bracket and flashing are removed (same as K style gutter).
  • The place where the existing Façade is tack nailed is marked to have a reference point to attach the new one.
  • The Façade is removed from the home and a new piece is cut, end caped and downspouts hole cut.
  • The new piece of Façade is installed in the same place where the old piece was and checked for level.
  • At this point flashing and brackets can be installed then the soffit is slipped back into the gutter receiver channel or the other way around. The soffit is slipped back into the receiver then the flashing and bracket are done. I have used both ways and have had success with both. The best way to install the soffit back into the receiver is to start at one end as soon as 10 feet are in place a painted screw to hold the installed soffit from coming out and continue on. If you are not getting it in, try starting from the other side.
  • The soffit must hang lower than the gutter to allow the gutter free movement. In simple terms the new gutter is up with the soffit hanging down and it is reinserted into the channel like a zipper from one end to the other.
  • After the soffit is all in, a painted screw is installed one every four soffit panels With miters it is harder.
  • After the soffit is installed and the flashing and brackets are installed, then the gutter should be at the same place against the fascia and only needs to be re-riveted.

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